Where is RentaBikeParis?

Our starting point is located at 20 Rue Greneta in the second arrondissement of Paris.

You can easily reach us through the métro station Réaumur Sebastopol, lines 3 and 4 within a 2 minutes walk.

What are our opening hours?

We are open from 10am- 7pm everyday day from monday to sunday

What is the minimum rental period?

We rent bike for at least 1 day but if you want to enjoy a short ride for few hours you can still make it 😉

When does Tours take place?

Everyday from 10am - 1pm 😉
If it's raining we will just wait until it goes better and find the best solution for you. 

What happens if I get an issue with my bike?

You probably won't. But if you do, stop riding and give us a call 😉 No worries, we will come to you asap and make it works again!

Do you deliver or pick up bikes?

Yes, but please call ahead of time to verify our availablility! We can deliver or pick up in Paris Intramuros for an additional fee of 40€ each way.

Do you give a reduction for Tours & Rental?

Yes we do offer a 20% discount on your rental if you ride a tour as well 😉

Also for longer periods than 1 weeks we offer special rates. Please check the Reservations section.

Do you give a reduction on large groups or for longterm rentals?

Yes we do. Groups of 10 persons get a 20% reduction when they pay all together.

For longer periods than 1 weeks we offer special rates. Please check the Reservations section.

Do I have to leave a deposit to rent a bike?

Yes, it is necessary to leave a deposit by bank imprint system at the time of reservation. This varies from 200€ to 500€ depending on the bike.

You can find the details for each one during booking process.

Does my bike have the necessary safety features?

Yes firstly our bikes comes from Swapfiets Partner well established and are maintain properly by us 😉 All our bikes are equipped with front and rear lights powered by a dynamo.
Good to know : You don't have to pedal more to power the lights !

You also got to get a lock with your bike.

What sizes do you offer?

We cover all sizes for people from 1,50 up to 2 meter high.

Who is responsible if the bike is stolen or damaged?

You are. We'll provide you the tools and knowledge needed to keep the bike safe but it's up to you to return everything we give you.

To avoid theft, always make sure to secure your bike! All our bikes are equipped with two integrated locks, our electric bikes also have an additional lock for the battery. Always secure your bike with both locks. If your bike is stolen (or lost) while it was locked and secured properly, you will be charged a deductible. The amount of the deductible varies depending on the type of bike you have.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes an additional guarantee can be taken out by the hirer to cover breakage/theft. In this case, you are protected against partial or total breakage, theft by mugging, burglary or when the bike is attached to a fixed point. A deductible of 10% of the repair bill, with a minimum of €10, will be payable in the event of breakage, and a deductible of 10% of the value of the cycle in the event of irreparable breakage or theft. Please note that the guarantee does not in any way exempt the customer from taking the necessary steps, such as filing a complaint, making a sworn statement or providing any evidence that may be requested by the insurer as part of the management and resolution of the claim. In case of theft the renter must declare any accident to Rentabike Paris as well as the police authorities before the end of the rental period, and in all cases within 24 hours - under penalty of losing the benefit of the insurance.